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    special events photography has always had a wonderful cornerstone in my wife's regiment. In elementary school anyone could find myself in hand with a thirty five mm Cannon camera in my posession snapping photos of my best friends and family, and the one of a kind local color conjoining the tiny oceanic locale off the Chesapeake ocean port where my friends and I through elementary school and college. The thing my cousin taught me morphed of a passionate technical expertise that I merged my life with, scanning wedding pictures, paintings and natural photoshoots in my twentys. After, I initiated paving a important photography career in which contrasting influences and adventurous energy started to take shape and be seen within my body of work. Now and forever I will always be a continually published and nominated Seattle Wedding popular photographer and cover all about Maryland as well as all of Oregon. I am also a booked Seattle WA salon Photographer. Please have a look at my beloved website in order to learn some more about my love: [color=#000_url]burying bourbon[/color]
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