Benefits of Playing with Wooden toy vehicles for Preschoolers

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    Playing with wooden small toy cars helps enhance children’s fine motor skills. They will learn through improving the ability of hand-eye coordination. Because any action they make with these kinds of toys such as picking up, throwing, pushing and pulling small toy cars around requires the simultaneous use of hands and eyes. Thus, make them one of the most sought-after toys for preschoolers. Yet, they can be made from different materials. So, why should it be wooden? Let’s find out the benefits of wooden toy vehicles with us.

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    Benefits of wooden vehicle toys

    In modern life, plastic has gradually been replaced with natural materials, however, the enthusiasm for wood is eternal and never faded over time. Wooden-based toys are generated from a variety of wood consisting of walnut, oak, maple, etc,... All types of wood are selected by most parents rather than plastic owing to its appealing appearance and intricate craftsmanship. Wood is not only an environmentally friendly material but it is also safer for children than chemical-based materials like plastic.

    Furthermore, playing with wooden car toys can be beneficial in various ways for children’s development besides hours of entertainment:

    1. Fine motor skills

    Wooden vehicle toys can intensify fine motor skills. During this type of play, kids are not only physically expert in pushing stuff around but also instruct the vehicles to stay on track. This type of play assists kids to keep balance and coordination by physical impact involved such as bending, reaching, and pushing. When moving the toys around, the interaction with the surroundings is likely to create, kids can practice gripping and picking small objects with their little fingers. The coordination of small muscles in the movement including eyes, and hands will help your kids focus on the toy they desire and reach out to touch it. In general, fine motor skills are improved via dexterity and the regular practice of hand-eye coordination.
    Wooden car toy - develop your kids’ fine motor skills

    2. Imagination

    Wooden car toys are designed to support the imagination and promote creative potential in kids. Playing with the toys, children are able to tell their stories via their real life experience.

    3. Communication and language skills

    Scientists believe that playing with vehicles offers a great chance for interactive play and the development of soft skills such as communication and turn-taking. It is likely to allow kids to enhance their confidence and develop close relationships with other kids. It is a wonderful gift for your children to share with others as well as strengthen parent-child interaction. Enriching the source of the new vocabulary is one of the principal purposes of this toy by encouraging your little one to say “stop”, “turn left”, and ‘turn right”,...


    Feedback wooden car ramp racer from our beloved customer

    Types of Vehicle Toys

    There are various types of wooden vehicle toys to choose from on the toy market which sometimes make you feel overwhelmed. Therefore, we want to introduce some of Melli’s Kids’ best-selling Vehicle Toys with details for your consideration. Especially, if your little one is a transport lover, then you shouldn’t ignore these beautiful vehicle toy sets!

    1. Wooden Construction Set

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    This set is perfect for kids who love to build and create. It can be used alone or added to the construction area for even more fun. It's a great addition to any playroom or childcare center.


    Wooden Construction Set Melli’s Kids

    2. Wooden Car Ramp Racer Montessori

    Impressive eye-catching colours combine with an eco-friendly wooden design. The cool idea of the toy set will be a meaningful gift for your little one on special occasions such as Christmas, and birthdays,... It not only assists your kids in developing cognitive skills, but also help build concentration and hand-eye coordination as well as an understanding of how parts link together.


    Montessori toys Wooden Car Ramp Racer - Melli’s Kids

    3. Wooden Vehicle Toy Set:

    The classic and collectible style wooden gift box with kid-friendly locking system made of certified Beechwood.


    Wooden Vehicle Toy Set - Melli’s Kids

    Package includes

    • Quantity: 7 PCS
    • Weight: 0.97kg
    • Materials: Beautiful vibrant colours toy vehicles made from responsibly sourced Beechwood
    • Dimension: 12.5*5.5cm
    • Age Recommendation: 3 years+

    4. Forest Town Montessori Wooden Train Set:

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    “Forest Town” from Melli’s Kids is one of the most popular gift sets for toddlers. Playing with this special Nordic-style train set allows your kid to exercise spatial thinking, cognitive capability, hand-eye coordination, logical reasoning, as well as help intensify children’s concentration span.


    Forest Town Montessori Wooden Train Set - Melli’s Kids

    Package includes

    • 69pcs building blocks + train track
    • 46pcs game cards
    • 2 stickers
    • 1 box, and 1 bag.
    • Materials: Certified African Rosewood, American Black Walnut, German Beechwood, Central African Sandvilla wood, and Southeast Asia Rubberwood.
    • Dimensions: 33.7*29.7*5.1cm
    • Age Recommendation: 3 years+

    5. Wooden Rainbow Cars:

    This car set is sustainably crafted with high-quality beechwood and non-toxic paints. You can relax with a cup of coffee while your kid is busy enjoying the excitement of this colourful car set.


    Wooden Rainbow Car - Melli’s Kids

    Package includes:

    • Quantity: 7 PCS
    • Materials: Beautiful vibrant colours toy vehicles made from responsibly sourced Beechwood
    • Dimension: 12.5*5.5cm
    • Weight: 0.97kg
    • Age Recommendation: 3 years+

    All age recommendations can be found in a product's description on Melli’s Kids website. Let’s go shopping now!

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