1. technical
    Pegatron PT10ANG PT10AN 5 5 1votes
    5/5, 1 vote

    Pegatron PT10ANG PT10AN

    Pegatron PT10ANG PT10AN Toshiba Satellite C50/C50D BIOS Toshiba C50 - PT10AN DSC MB rev. 2.1
    Thread by: technical, Apr 18, 2016, 2 replies, in forum: Schematics
  2. technical
    Toshiba C55D-A-14W PT10AN DSC MB REV.2.1 4.7 5 3votes
    4.7/5, 3 votes

    Toshiba C55D-A-14W PT10AN DSC MB REV.2.1

    Toshiba C55D-A-14W Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-K8K PT10AN DSC MB REV : 2.1 IT8528E All in one CPU AMD. PSCGWE-03500YFR
    Thread by: technical, Feb 27, 2015, 21 replies, in forum: BIOS/UEFI
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